Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Dude Abides

The Dude: fat out man fat fuckin out

The Dude eh i mean far

Elle Woods: you are wasted

The Dude: yeah i might be

The Dude: i've been drinking since 4 or so

The Dude: did you go to class tonight

Elle Woods: nope

The Dude: yeah me neither

The Dude: i had a 5pm appointmentent at [the local watering hole]

The Dude: holy fuck am i riped

Elle Woods: i haven't seen you in ages

The Dude: yeah i know you miss me

Elle Woods: not really

Elle Woods: not too much to miss

The Dude: oh yes you do

The Dude: who couldn't miss my drunk ass

The Dude: who elese could talk to people on the internet

Elle Woods: besides an annoying drunken asshole who think he's jim morrison's love child and
who chain smokes

The Dude: and offend so many popele

The Dude: i loike smokes

The Dude: ok i got a bunch of taco bell

Elle Woods: dude

The Dude: on the way back from [Name of the local watering hole-which he misspelled)

The Dude: huh

Elle Woods: have you had the crunch wrap


Elle Woods: haha


The Dude: those are awesome

Elle Woods: i know

Elle Woods: ok

Elle Woods: enjoy drunkard

The Dude: shutup

Elle Woods: like you are not proud of your drunkass-ness

The Dude: the crunchrap has the classic taste of TB

The Dude: beef and sour cream

The Dude: and a tortilla and tacos


The Dude: i could eat a million of them

The Dude: taomotaos

The Dude: and like uh, cheese

Elle Woods: you're so uncle rico

The Dude: don't ya ever wish you could...go back?

Elle Woods: i'd take state

The Dude: with all the knowledge you have know

The Dude: no doubt

The Dude: no doubt

The Dude: i'm drunker than all hell

The Dude: ok i gotta eat my other crunchrap and stop talking here

The Dude: i'll see ya tomorrow amn

Elle Woods: no you will notr

The Dude: ok fine skp school

The Dude: i odnot know what notr emans

Elle Woods: we do not have school tomorrow

The Dude: eh

Elle Woods: it's a holiday (This conversation took place on 2/21/06. -Ed.)

The Dude: is school cancelled tomorrow?

The Dude: tomorrow is columus day

The Dude: great american hero

The Dude: the man who found our cuntry

The Dude: if it wasn't for him we' still be in europe for shits sake

The Dude: i ove sour cream

The Dude: love

The Dude: love i love sour crean

...I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that.

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