Thursday, August 31, 2006

Musical Chairs

Today I had my first day of my Family Violence seminar. Normally I advocate being there early on the first day to get a choice seat but generally in seminar rooms it doesn't make much difference since they're so small. So I strolled in at the last minute per usual, took a glance at the available seats. My choices were next to a familiar looking girl, or next to the Stalker.

Clearly I opted for the familiar looking girl, who promptly gave me a dirty look, one that was so familiar I instantly realized where I knew her from. She's the Gunner Chick I told off last year.

Normally in a situation like this I'd just drop the class so I didn't have to deal with the drama, but the topic actually interests me so I suppose I'll have to be earlier for the rest of the semester so I can dodge sitting near either of them. This, however will be a delicate balance, as if I'm there too early the Stalker will pin me in as he's known to do. I love that I have to dodge a stalker in a Family Violence class.


lalagigi said...

you should start wearing those shirts they have at american eagle outfitters and stuff with messages on them like:
"its better blonde"
"try to break this off"
"passive aggressive"

Anonymous Law Student said...

Tell her off again.