Saturday, April 28, 2007

Good Morning Vietman.

  1. My Mother called me at 8:02. She proceeded to act shocked that I wasn't up by then. I suppose it's semi valid since whenever I stay there I tend to get up rather early in the morning and go home. This could have to do with the fact that they converted my room into an office so my choices are my brother's room or the couch. Neither room have very good drapes so basically no matter what you're woken up by the sun around 8 a.m., at which time I go home (and generally sleep more).
  2. I always seem to sleep on the side of the bed. At first I thought it was a remnant of sharing a bed with someone regularly (years ago), but then I thought back and even as a kid I would always sleep on one side of the bed. The only time I didn't was in freshman year of college (when I had a twin bed) so it wasn't really like there were "sides."
  3. I'm watching Half Nelson with Ryan Gosling, I highly recommend it. Yes, I do watch a lot of movies, television shows, and go to a lot of sporting events during finals. I have to keep myself occupied somehow.

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Another Asian Law Student said...

you wake up at... 8 am on saturday. highly admirable. highly admirable...