Thursday, July 12, 2007

10 Areas of Law I Could Live Without Right Now.

  1. Character/Impeachment. I mean, the witnesses are testifying under oath. Why have all these messy rules regarding when Opinion/Reputation/Specific Acts are admissible and what they are admissible for?
  2. Hearsay. Again, the testimony is under oath, shouldn't that be enough to show it's reliable? No? Criminals lie? Shhhh.
  3. First Amendment Protections. Namely the Freedoms of Religion and Speech. I know it might have some negative effects on democracy, but I'm getting really sick of trying to remember time/place/manner restrictions and the Lemon test so I say get rid of all of it.
  4. Recording Acts. Seriously, enough said.
  5. The entire U.C.C., my life would be blissful right now were it not for sale of goods, secured transactions and commercial paper.
  6. The Statute of Frauds. I don't really have a problem with this one per se, but it is so closely tied in my mind to #7 that is was included.
  7. The Parol Evidence Rule. 4 Corners? What? Modification?
  8. Fraud in the Inducement v. Fraud in the Factum. Can't we just agree that consent obtained through lying is bad regardless of whether it created a wrongful belief about the nature of the act or the reason for the act.
  9. Criminal Negligence Involuntary Manslaughter v. Depraved Heart Murder. Honestly I know in theory it shouldn't be so bad to tell the 2 apart (shooting a gun off in an open field v. shooting a gun off in a crowded theatre is the common example), but the questions are so much more of a fine line distinction than that that I almost always get them wrong.
  10. One of the Privileges and Immunities Clauses. I don't care which one, just so long as I only have to remember one I am good with it.

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Rebecca said...

I am with you, I miss every first amendment defamation question, every establishment clause question, and I hate recording statutes and don't care who they protect--because they are CLEARLY NOT protecting me!!!