Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Half Assed Retraction

Apparently this concept is a part of Secured Transactions, which I learned today during our BarBri lecture for the first time since I avoided all businessy courses like the plague (with the exception of Tax and I am not even going to go into how well that worked out for me).

I suppose I can calm down a little now knowing that some of the issues I'm having with essays might be because the subjects that aren't "tested" exclusively are tested within other areas and we hadn't had those lectures yet. While that doesn't make me feel much better, it does make me feel slightly better, which during the whole neurotic bar exam study experience goes a long way.

That doesn't change the fact that BarBri kinda pissed me off by including that question in with the Real Property questions to begin with rather than Secured Transactions.

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