Saturday, July 14, 2007

I have a new boyfriend.

He's the type that many girls are drawn to. He's not quite enough to fulfill you but he'll do for the time being. He's the typical bad boy who with promises of fun nights out in May and June followed by undivided personal attention in July. You're hopeful that he is not who you end up with longterm and that he is just a summer fling, and the possibility of it dragging on long term terrifies you. He's not like the nice guy who pays attention to each and every of your needs, he is the strong silent type who is always good for quickie when you need it.

Sure the relationship is not healthy and sometimes feels like it borders on abusive the amount of time he demends you spend on him and only him, but after the boredom that the nice guys put you through there is something about his brevity and jealousy that draw you to him. Things are pretty serious, we hang out all day while I attend to every detail he has to offer. I think I'll even let him into my bed tonight.

His name is Conviser Mini Review.


Silly Little Law Student said...


[best of luck with bar studying!]

Rebecca said...

Um, excuse me? He's MY boyfriend, well my ex, I mean at the begining of the summer we were all hot and heavy like. And then, it just sort of fell off and he never calls me anymore. I can't believe he's seeing someone new! What an a-hole! My feelings are wicked hurt.

Katie said...

Man, he gets around. He was in my bedroom last night, too. We are still experiencing those heady first days of a new relationship, and I do love it.