Friday, August 17, 2007

You Expect Me to Title Posts Before 8 a.m.?

Things smoothed out with the asshole trainer. Basically I realized he is a idiot who needed to be shown who the "Alpha Dog" is. So when he called Teddie "She" again I just gave him a look, he quickly corrected himself. When he called me "Sweetie" I snapped back "Actually, it's Doctor1." Then when all the other (idiot) dogs were unable to demonstrate stay, down, and wait all of a sudden Teddie was his favorite dog to work with. Which was still moderately annoying to me since he tried first, but whatever.

My brother leaves today to drive across the country. You'd think he'd have hung out with me once since the bar, but no. Plus now we are in this HUGE fight since I told his friend about how he and his other friend were pissing in Gatorade bottles when they would party here (since they didn't want to wake up the house flushing the toilet) and then label it"PISS" and put them in the refrigerator-only to be found by me at a later date. Do not even ask why they didn't just piss in the yard, piss off the deck, piss into the woods, piss in the street, piss into a toilet and not flush. I do not know the answer despite many questions being asked. Then he got Teddie "into a condition where he ate more dog food at 11 pm" last night, which was the last straw for me and I flipped out on him about how inconsiderate and irresponsible he is and how I couldn't wait until he had kids since I was going to buy them as many substances as they wanted to indulge in.

1Juris Doctor, does that count?


bobvis said...

My understanding is that it does count. JDs are allowed to call them doctors even though they rarely ever do.

M.Thomas said...

It definitely does not count.

Amy said...

ABA Informal Opinion 1152 states that attorneys may use the title 'Doctor' in their function as attorneys and also states that:
"Today one must have 84 to 90 post-baccalaureate hours to receive a J.D. degree. A Master of Law degree calls for 110 to 120 post-baccalaureate hours. Comparing this to the 60 hours of academic instruction plus a written dissertation, required for a [Ph.D.], one must agree that the legal degrees are at least comparable."[12]

I wanted to know as I will have a JD in the future (im a 1L)...yes...feel very sorry for me.

M.Thomas said...

No way. If you refer to yourself as a doctor people will (1) laugh at you and then (2) feel sorry for you. Especially employers. Please, take it from me...employers are *less than impressed* by attorneys who do not have an M.D. or Ph.D. referring to themselves as "doctor."

Elle Woods said...

I would never do it to an employer. I just realized it was the best way to get this douchy guy to stop treating me like a 5 year old.