Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Recent Conversation at a Bar

Friend 1: You haven't had sex with him yet?
Friend 2: Nope.
Friend 1: How long have you been dating?
Friend 2: A year, give or take.
Friend 1: Seriously? That long?
Friend 2: We do other stuff, and I just think it'll be a waste of my time.
Friend 1: Why?
Friend 2: [Holds up fingers about 2 inches apart].
Friend 1: It cannot be that small.
Friend 2: Ohh. But it is. It would seriously be a waste of my time.
Friend 1: Did you ever think that maybe it starts vibrating?
Friend 2: No, the thought that he is a machine had not crossed my mind.
Friend 1: Well, you never know.


Anonymous said...

I'm often taken aback by the volume that women will speak at in public when talking about such personal things.

Last Friday I was at a bar and heard two women beside me LOUDLY discussing a yeast infection one "just could not get rid of."

Ew. Decorum ladies, decorum.

paragon2pieces said...

wow... just burst out laughing in the law library.